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Make memory split file raspbian

With the new raspbian build you can use the raspi-conf command but if you want to do manually, let’s do now …

The Raspberry Pi comes with 256MB of RAM, included in the Broadcom BCM2835 System on chip, which also contains the CPU, GPU and DSP in the same package.

That 256MB of RAM is split between the CPU and GPU at boot time of the Pi, and by default is a 50:50 split, 128MB each. This works well for video decoding and 3D graphics, but if you know you won’t be using such graphically intensive applications, you can change this split to give the CPU a bit more.

Now HoTo do so, you just need to copy the pre-made .elf files to the start.elf file in /boot, and reboot:

For 192MB for the CPU and 64MB for the GPU:

For 224MB for the CPU and 32MB for the GPU:

For the default 50% & 50% CPU & GPU:

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